Priorities – why I’m not writing a blog post this week…


I blog for a couple of reasons — mostly to spread the word about positive leadership and its effectiveness to as many people as possible, and make it “real” by providing examples and tools.

Also, I do it to provide a “touchstone” for current and previous clients (although I truly consider “previous” clients to be lifelong clients, and therefore, “current.”)

And, I do it so that potential clients can get to know me – to see if we’d be a good match.

I committed to doing it once per week, on Wednesdays, and I’ve mostly stuck to it.

This week,

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Everyone’s in Marketing?


What does this make you think of the W.H.S. Drumline?

We are all ambassadors of every organization that we are a part of. Whether it’s our family, our workplace, our house of worship, our service club, our band, our athletic team, or our city/state/country, we are always “representing.”

There’s a place in my town that serves food.  Lots of people eat there. I don’t. Here’s why:

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Effectiveness trumps Efficiency

Sometimes when I bowl, I make it my goal to bowl fast and loud.  I accelerate my approach, and fling the ball as fast as I can.  The result?  It’s really loud when the ball hits the pins (if it hits the pins) and my game ends more quickly.  My score is also lower.  If the goal is to be fast and loud, I win!  If the goal is to win, I lose. I am efficient, but not effective.

In high school chemistry, my lab partner (Steve Uslabar, for you curious old cronies) and I had a motto: “Accuracy is not important; speed is of the essence.”  We were both fairly good at chem, and would rather get a B and goof off part of the period, even though we were capable of an A.  Efficient, not effective.

“Learn from your mistakes.”  Nonsense!  

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