Smile. Merry Christmas!

No original thoughts from me this week, as I’ve been ill and have focused my energies only on 1) family needs , 2) current clients, and 3) getting myself well [that is, sleeping a lot!].

Thanks for understanding; I’ll be committed to the weekly Wednesday updates in the new year, I assure you.

In the past few weeks, a few of you have let me know that you look forward to the weekly post, though, and so this week I’ll provide a post from

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Things successful leaders avoid saying (Part 2)

Last week, I raised up the value of the principles in “Drive” by Dan Pink.  If, as research has shown, people are motivated by autonomy, then there is a class of words we ought to avoid, as they can crush autonomy.  These may include “ought,” or “must,” but let’s focus on the one that seems to pass judgement:

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Effective Leaders Stay Up-To-Date

Thought evolves, the world changes, and research keeps on happening.

Are you going to “stick with what works” or “change with the times”?  Neither solution is right all the time, of course, so how do you decide?

Stay well-read, and keep thinking, and talking, and networking, and make up your own mind.

Last week, we

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