Case Studies

This case study is an example of what we can do with a long-term commitment. It was compiled and authored by an independent firm.

Case Study #1: Comprehensive improvement for a medical service provider with eight employees.

Client-Stated Goal:

  • Make the business a more fun place to work, provide better customer service, increase production and profit.

Alan’s adapted, additional goals:

  • To make this business the dental provider of choice for the area.
  • To make the owner the employer of choice within the area for this type of business.

Tools, Discoveries and Outcomes:

Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders®
An Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders® evaluation was used to help the client find gaps in his leadership performance. This provided the basis for coaching goals and areas of focus.

Work Expectations® assessment:

  • Assessment determined what employees wanted out of the work environment.
  • Gap analysis determined what employees wanted that was not currently available.
  • A prioritized list was compiled based on the assessment results, group discussion, and training conversations.
  • Employees reported it was a good place to work and they enjoyed it. While they were satisfied with the amount of praise they received, they felt there was a need for more structure and communication, improved recognition of contributions, and a better work environment.

Action items from this gap analysis:

  • DiSC communications training: Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile
  • Disseminating job descriptions
  • Changes to recognize the employees’ professionalism, including framing and posting of credentials
  • Improvements to the customer and employee experience

Other action steps:

Customer service training for all staff. As there are four different job functions in the organization, Alan met with two employees at a time, depending on job function, and customized the training.
Research-based phone training to reception personnel to keep calls shorter while also getting more potential customers in the door.

Armed with information from the DiSC profiles and the work expectations training, as well as meetings with staff members, Alan helped the provider identify an employee who was willing to take on more responsibility. Delegating to this employee allows the provider to focus on core work.

Monthly employee one-on-one meetings, with focus.

Develop a process to improve marketing and customer retention. Alan did staff sales training based on the DiSC profile. As a result of this, the employees and the owner have begun regularly mentioning other ideas as a service to their customers. In the past, they were reluctant to do so. This has increased sales and bottom line profitability.

Bottom line as reported by the owner of the business:

  • The working environment is much improved.
  • There is increased morale and pride because staff appreciate this investment in their development.
  • Client is aware of his employees’ work styles and personalities and treats them according to their needs.
  • Client’s employees are now proactively talking to their customers about their specific needs and recommending appropriate products and services.
  • Employees are selling more now than in the past.
  • Employees have a process in place to add and keep new customers.

The improvement in their bottom line will be enough to pay for the fees charged by Alan Feirer, of Group Dynamic. There are indications that those increases will continue well into the future.

In conclusion, the owner said his business had been stagnant. With help from Alan, they have changed the business model, improved the work environment, brought business practices up to date, and improved the bottom line.

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