Leaders Address Sarcasm During Conflict

Sarcasm has no place in effective leadership. That’s not the most popular thing I’ve said, but it needs to be said frequently. It’s personally frustrating, because sarcasm has been a big part of my sense of humor most of my life. But it’s gotten me into trouble at least as often as it’s gotten me … Read more

Leaders Exchange Perspectives

People who exchange perspectives tend to encourage dialogue around new ideas and information. In a dysfunctional situation, a leader may do the opposite; present information without room for discussion. I was part of a team once that had to select chaperones for an international youth trip. The chairman explained exactly how the selection had been made … Read more

“I” wrote a book: an announcement and a lesson

I don’t usually share news through my blog, but this news is BIG! My first book is now available. Launch event and ordering info are below, and I want to personally (through this mass publication) invite you to come! And, please buy as many copies of my book as possible and give copies to everyone you know … Read more

Leaders Make Others Comfortable with their Seasonal Greetings

Let’s make this easy. If your religious or political convictions are strong, AND you believe that you are called to use your leadership position to do everything in your power to bring your team members around to your point of view, this post is not for you. Go watch the small but lovely film “The … Read more

Leaders Daydream

I was sitting at my desk, staring into space, thinking about my work. Thinking about current work, but also daydreaming about the future and reminiscing about the past. I was daydreaming. And, I got caught. My boss walked in, so I jerked myself to a “working posture” and grabbed a pen. I said, “Oh, man, … Read more