“I just hate miscommunications.”

Yesterday, while working in my home office, workers from a local store came to install a new appliance.  I overheard a shocking conversation that struck me as inappropriate.  I selected a typical excerpt, and posted it on my personal Facebook page to see what conversation would ensue.  I was not disappointed. This was an interesting exchange that touched on

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Effective Leaders Stay Organized (part two)

Part two of two (read part one here)

As you can see from the picture in part one, my daily list fits into the narrow confines of the column on the left hand side of each day’s page in my planner.

But – sometimes life becomes so hectic, and the to-do list gets so long, that it’s time to

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Effective Leaders Stay Organized (part one)

If we are effective, we are probably quite busy.

Many of us have tried different ways to stay organized, including electronic gadgets, pen and paper planners, whiteboards, etc.

I’d like to share two ways that have worked for me. I’m sharing them here, because others who have adopted them have found quite useful.

Both of them go the pen and paper route, so if you’re looking for ways to incorporate Outlook or Evernote or iCal or GoogleSomething, then check out another blog, like the awesome lifehacker.com.

Each of my two methods has a time and place.

The first is for when life is normal, and the second is for when it’s overwhelming.

When things are at their normal level of hectic, I use a technique

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Priorities – why I’m not writing a blog post this week…


I blog for a couple of reasons — mostly to spread the word about positive leadership and its effectiveness to as many people as possible, and make it “real” by providing examples and tools.

Also, I do it to provide a “touchstone” for current and previous clients (although I truly consider “previous” clients to be lifelong clients, and therefore, “current.”)

And, I do it so that potential clients can get to know me – to see if we’d be a good match.

I committed to doing it once per week, on Wednesdays, and I’ve mostly stuck to it.

This week,

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