“I just hate miscommunications.”

Yesterday, while working in my home office, workers from a local store came to install a new appliance.  I overheard a shocking conversation that struck me as inappropriate.  I selected a typical excerpt, and posted it on my personal Facebook page to see what conversation would ensue.  I was not disappointed. This was an interesting exchange that touched on

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Three little words for busy leaders…

Sometimes people feel disconnected from us, because we come off as “too busy.”

Good news – there are three words that can reverse this dysfunction.

A piece of equipment went missing, and I wasn’t told about it.  I found out

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Two Words Turn a Negative Request Positive

An earlier post discussed the perils of the use of the word “don’t”.

“Don’t” is negative, and can also be dismissive.  It is direct (that’s good) and easy (that’s why it’s frequently used). There’s a nice alternative, though, that can quickly

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