Two Words Turn a Negative Request Positive

An earlier post discussed the perils of the use of the word “don’t”.

“Don’t” is negative, and can also be dismissive.  It is direct (that’s good) and easy (that’s why it’s frequently used). There’s a nice alternative, though, that can quickly

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Leaders tell people “why”

Hannah was a young person volunteering at a community dinner.  She sure seemed like she didn’t want to be there.  She was listening to her iPod and had earbuds in both ears as she served peas to the public.  She was surrounded by about twenty adult volunteers.

At one point, Harold, one of the adult volunteers, finally said something.  He scowled, and

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Effective Leaders are Specific

“Hey, Tom, if you could get some of those account reviews done by Thursday, that’d be great.”

Sometimes to sound “nice”, we make requests like the one above.

It’s casual (good), general (bad), with a deadline (good), but without a specific request (bad) or a way to measure (very bad).

The result can descend into

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