Q: When can you criticize freely?

A: When the relationship is strong enough, AND, according to coach John Robinson: “Never criticize until the person is convinced of your unconditional confidence in their abilities.” When I think of the people in my life that I willingly take criticism and feedback from, without taking it personally (though my wife and friends may point … Read more

Training in Action — the key to making it stick:

Just a nugget for you this busy week, prompted by a client email I received. The client wanted follow-up material, aids, activities, or any other way to make training stick. While those things have their place, the absolute best way to make any training stick is this: use it. The most effective — and, conveniently, … Read more

DiSC in action – leading as an “S,” and answering that silly question…

When doing DiSC with a group of leaders, at some point someone asks “which is the best style for leaders?  Probably ‘D,’ right?”  Then, the “S” folks in the room get even more quiet, as concern rises that the answer may be “Yup. ‘D’s rule the world.”  Well, that’s not the answer. It’s important to get … Read more