Leaders apologize, and teach others how to do so

Matt shares the Quantum Apology Model with Alan; the AAMR method helps leaders – and anyone – apologize with sincerity and grace in order to improve positive relationships and move forward from conflict or misunderstanding. Related posts: What if someone rejects an apology? Apologies

How to deal with self-centered behavior…

In a sense, self-centered behavior is normal. If people tend to act in self-interest, how do WE deal with that, and get THEM to think beyond themselves? Take a couple minutes to hear Matt and Alan address this. Previous posts on this topic: Four levels of maturity Four-way stops Dealing with your own tendencies

Things Successful Leaders Avoid Saying (Part 6)

  Leaders avoid saying things that shut down discussion and communication; some of these are obviously intended to do this, so using them can damage your credibility also. Here are some examples: “…Enough said.” or the colloquial “‘nuf said.” “Last time I checked,”  followed by something like “this was still a free country.” “Just sayin’” … Read more