Leaders Address Withdrawing During Conflict

Denaja was right. She knew she was right. She had designed four other projects, all with similar scopes. They had gone so well that she was now permanently in a designing role – an expert. But when Roman gets started, he won’t let up. He dominates, gets aggressive, and can sometimes make personal cutting remarks. So … Read more

Leaders Address Sarcasm During Conflict

Sarcasm has no place in effective leadership. That’s not the most popular thing I’ve said, but it needs to be said frequently. It’s personally frustrating, because sarcasm has been a big part of my sense of humor most of my life. But it’s gotten me into trouble at least as often as it’s gotten me … Read more

Leaders Address Seeking Revenge During Conflict

“Who should get this project?” Greg trusted Monica’s judgement, and saw her as a future number two, and Greg’s current number two was out of the office, so this was a test. “Jean-Paul”, Monica said with no hesitation. “Really?” Greg mused, “I was sure you’d say Rich. This is right up Rich’s alley – and … Read more

Leaders Address Passive-Aggressiveness During Conflict

Some people know how to push our buttons. When they do, and there’s an element of truth to it, we get a little testy. We want them to know that we’re angry, but we also know it’s best to avoid full-on conflict. Being passive-aggressive can seem like the perfect solution. We get to subtly punish someone … Read more

Leaders Address Overpowering During Conflict

Overpowering involves drawing on all the sources of power at our disposal to defeat someone during a conflict. Sometimes that power is social or organizational authority, but sometimes it’s simply using the force of a strong, vocal personality. “It’s NOT GONNA HAPPEN!” Joyce shouted. “Well,” said Marco, “I think things have changed enough that…” “Who … Read more

Leaders Address Hyper-Criticism During Conflict

“Yes, but that logic is flawed.” “Have you even looked at the numbers going back 10 years? Why not use all the data instead of just the most recent?” “We’ve never done that before, and even suggesting it is a waste of our time.” “I can’t even read that font. How can I take you … Read more