Positive leadership is strong, not soft

When we talk about keeping things “positive,” sometimes people misinterpret this as “soft” leadership that doesn’t allow for high standards and hard work. Wrong. Positive leadership can easily keep the standards high. Previous posts on this topic: Positive leadership is not soft. Positivity as an essential part of leadership.   Thanks for watching — we’re … Read more

How to deal with self-centered behavior…

In a sense, self-centered behavior is normal. If people tend to act in self-interest, how do WE deal with that, and get THEM to think beyond themselves? Take a couple minutes to hear Matt and Alan address this. Previous posts on this topic: Four levels of maturity Four-way stops Dealing with your own tendencies

The coolest thing I’ve heard lately… (and why leaders should hear it, too)

I’m not going to let my worst experience with someone define my relationship with them. Isn’t that great? Sometimes we have a bad experience with someone and think “whoa, now their true colors are finally coming out!” — and that puts us on guard in the future. Once bitten, twice shy (we think). But we … Read more

Effective leaders change the pace

I had a college professor who told us to “do everything 10% faster.”

This professor had lots of energy, and got lots done. And, the students who followed this advice seemed to work harder, have more energy, and be happier. Over the last 25 years this advice has proven invaluable; it works for me, too.

Not only does following this advice generate more

Read moreEffective leaders change the pace