“I” wrote a book: an announcement and a lesson

I don’t usually share news through my blog, but this news is BIG! My first book is now available. Launch event and ordering info are below, and I want to personally (through this mass publication) invite you to come! And, please buy as many copies of my book as possible and give copies to everyone you know … Read more

Leaders Deal with Messes (literally)

About 80 times per year, Group Dynamic workshop participants will make a “selfish behaviors” list, so we have something to refer to as we work toward better ways of maintaining high standards through effective, relationship-based leadership. Most common concerns include lateness of delivery or arrival, or lack of initiative. But there’s an equally common area … Read more

The “Best” Definition of Leadership

My favorite definition of leadership comes from Kouzes and Posner: “Leadership is the art of mobilizing others to want to struggle for shared aspirations.” That’s a great, dense package that generates discussion about the complexity of leadership. However, sometimes we need something more active. That’s why I like: “Leaders Meet Needs.“ I know I’ve written … Read more

Reasons (bad ones) Leaders Avoid Giving Feedback

Feedback from leaders drives engagement and performance, yet many workers report that feedback is lacking. Leaders even know this truth, but still avoid giving feedback. Here are five common reasons leaders may be uncomfortable giving feedback, and reasons to do it anyway: “It’s just a small thing – no big deal.” – Do it anyway. When … Read more

Leaders are Transparent (without TMI)

Transparency builds trust. Too many leaders have a habit of holding back information, which can look like information-hoarding, or secret-keeping. Those behaviors hurt trust. But, leaders also know when to stop; leaders will avoid the temptation to share TOO much information. Leaders share information, as appropriate, to: a- keep people informed b- keep people from … Read more

Leaders Pronounce Names Correctly

I was recently at a formal event where a few dozen individuals were honored with a “once-in-a-lifetime”, very selective, award. Presenting the awards were leaders from the various sponsors of the event. And, on several occasions, honorees’ names were pronounced wrong. Some were difficult, or confusing, but still it was clear that some presenters simply … Read more