Things Successful Leaders Avoid Saying (Part 7)

One word – “inappropriate” Last week, at the Iowa Employment Conference I heard employment law expert, Michael Reck, point out that the word “inappropriate” has no place in employee handbooks. He went on to say this is because courts have ruled time and again that the word “inappropriate” as a descriptor of behavior, dress, and … Read more

Leaders are Transparent (without TMI)

Transparency builds trust. Too many leaders have a habit of holding back information, which can look like information-hoarding, or secret-keeping. Those behaviors hurt trust. But, leaders also know when to stop; leaders will avoid the temptation to share TOO much information. Leaders share information, as appropriate, to: a- keep people informed b- keep people from … Read more

Leaders Do Everything They Can Do…

When someone dies in an emergency operating room, it is the moral obligation of the doctor to report this to the family: “We did everything we could possibly do.” Before leaders remove team members for non-performance, they have the same obligation. Ask yourself: “Did I do everything I could possibly do?” It’s easy, especially when … Read more

Effective Leaders are Specific – a BRIEF case study reminder

From yesterday, an email exchange that took a bit too long: Them: Dear Group Traveler, Thank you for booking your Group with Southwest Airlines. The attached Travel Agreement contains your itinerary, instructions on how to complete your Group reservation, and Group policies…. Me: If in the next week, I wanted to add 6 seats at … Read more