Leaders Encourage Thinking “A Step Above”

In a recent address from Dana Wingert, the Des Moines Chief of Police, he emphasized the value of everyone in an organization thinking a rank or position above themselves. The guiding question is this: “How would my boss handle this, and what are his/her expectations?” A few examples: When you’re assigned a project, execute it … Read more

Leaders Celebrate Constraints

When I was a band teacher, we experienced a staff cut. In 10 years, the department went from 7 teachers serving about 500 students to 5 teachers serving 600. The superintended gave us that left-handed compliment that’s supposed to reassure us while also keeping us quiet: “If anyone could do this, you can. We believe … Read more

Leaders Know How to Travel and Pack for Effectiveness

Perhaps this seems like a tangential post, but there is an overall relationship to the concept of “Leaders Meet Needs” here. When you travel on business, travel and pack in such a way as to maximize your ability to meet needs and minimize the possibility of distraction. After many years of business travel, here are some … Read more

6 Questions to Effectively Follow Up DiSC

As a leader, you’ve probably figured out that your people appreciate at least some advice, tips, and suggestions on how to improve their work to come from external, credible sources. [That means not you.] And, that’s not to say you’re a bad leader, or your team doesn’t trust you. (But just in case, check their … Read more

Leaders Send Handwritten Notes to Their Own People

When I was a teacher, I didn’t get a lot of handwritten notes from my principals and superintendents. So when I did, it was pretty exciting! To think that my boss would make the time to write words of appreciation or encouragement when a pop-by or email might have sufficed, really made a major impression … Read more

Strategic Thinking for Leaders – The Easy Visual Method

There are a number of ways and software methods out there to help you get visual with strategic thinking. Personally, I’m a fan of posting up colored sticky notes on the wall and/or on scratch paper. I also recommend the sticky notes method if you have projects with multiple members of your team that are … Read more