Leaders Celebrate Constraints

When I was a band teacher, we experienced a staff cut. In 10 years, the department went from 7 teachers serving about 500 students to 5 teachers serving 600. The superintended gave us that left-handed compliment that’s supposed to reassure us while also keeping us quiet: “If anyone could do this, you can. We believe … Read more

Leaders Know How to Travel and Pack for Effectiveness

Perhaps this seems like a tangential post, but there is an overall relationship to the concept of “Leaders Meet Needs” here. When you travel on business, travel and pack in such a way as to maximize your ability to meet needs and minimize the possibility of distraction. After many years of business travel, here are some … Read more

6 Questions to Effectively Follow Up DiSC

As a leader, you’ve probably figured out that your people appreciate at least some advice, tips, and suggestions on how to improve their work to come from external, credible sources. [That means not you.] And, that’s not to say you’re a bad leader, or your team doesn’t trust you. (But just in case, check their … Read more

Leaders Send Handwritten Notes to Their Own People

When I was a teacher, I didn’t get a lot of handwritten notes from my principals and superintendents. So when I did, it was pretty exciting! To think that my boss would make the time to write words of appreciation or encouragement when a pop-by or email might have sufficed, really made a major impression … Read more

Strategic Thinking for Leaders – The Easy Visual Method

There are a number of ways and software methods out there to help you get visual with strategic thinking. Personally, I’m a fan of posting up colored sticky notes on the wall and/or on scratch paper. I also recommend the sticky notes method if you have projects with multiple members of your team that are … Read more

Leaders make frequent meetings quick

One way to make meetings quick is to hold them standing up. Think about those weekly meetings that can last 30 minutes, and consist of lots of reports. They do not leave time for quick, tactical conversations. A way to enhance, yet shorten those meetings, is to allow 10 minutes a couple times per week (or even … Read more