On owning your leadership style…

Let’s make the assumption that, as a leader, you’ve taken a number of human behavior assessments (like the Leadership Practices Inventory, Everything DiSC®, Strengths Finders or Myers-Briggs), and therefore you have some sort of description (or two or five descriptions) as to what kind of leader you are. What happens to those analyses after you finish the assessment? Do they sit on your desk? In a file? Or worse yet, do they take a one-way pass to the recycling bin?

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Everyone’s in Marketing?


What does this make you think of the W.H.S. Drumline?

We are all ambassadors of every organization that we are a part of. Whether it’s our family, our workplace, our house of worship, our service club, our band, our athletic team, or our city/state/country, we are always “representing.”

There’s a place in my town that serves food.  Lots of people eat there. I don’t. Here’s why:

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