Leaders have Fun

I have a tradition—the Tuesday before Thanksgiving my friend Matt Pries  and I engage in the Annual Night of Gluttony. Click here to view a presentation I did on the tradition. We want to grow old staying young, and maintain our connection with each other in the midst of our busyness.  This tradition helps. The … Read more

Never Plan for the Worst Case Scenario

I was in line at Costco, buying light bulbs and toilet paper, and noticed that the man behind me was looking me and my cart over with suspicion on his face. Eventually, he said “Hrmph. Mercury.” I wanted to say “Pluto?” but instead I said, “Sorry?” “Those bulbs have mercury in ’em. So dangerous they’re … Read more

Leaders Are Nourished By Daily Rituals

In an episode of The Office, Michael (manager) is headed home for the day, and reports this to Jo (owner). He’s clearly uncomfortable that he’s ready to leave, while she is still there working harder and longer. She notices this and tells him, “If your work is done, and you’re proud of it, and you … Read more

What’s next? Can you learn something in 90 seconds?

After over 3 years, and over 125 posts, this blog will continue in a new format: the 90-second burn. To learn more about this project, please watch: Got 90 seconds per week?  Of course you do!  Subscribe at the right and join in the fun, starting next week. Thanks for all the support and input … Read more

Group Dynamic Primer Conclusion: Art’s Triangle and the Handwritten Matrix

WARNING:  This post is nothing but a story, though you will find usable content at the end.  Also, it’s over 700 words.  If you’re a long-time loyal reader, though, it’s required reading.  (If you’re new to this blog, this is really the last thing you ought to read. I suggest starting here.)

As mentioned at the outset of this series, many

Read moreGroup Dynamic Primer Conclusion: Art’s Triangle and the Handwritten Matrix