Managing Up – is it Possible?

“How do you manage up?” This is a very common question. Others may disagree, but I give this short answer: You don’t. You manage yourself and your team so well that your manager rarely questions anything you do. If your manager is unreasonable, then there’s not much you can do anyway, unless there is a … Read more

Be Easy to Work With

A couple years ago, I did a 4-post series on “Being Easy to Work With” which was based on DiSC styles. It’s time for a simple reminder of a serious key to success for anyone – leaders, or direct reports. Keep your standards high, but constantly seek to be easy to work with. Be the person … Read more

Role Power and Relationship Power

I’ve learned so much from Mark and Mike at Manager Tools. This is one of the best distillations of a major leadership obstacle: When we lead, by virtue of our title or position in the organizational structure, we have built-in authority and power. This is Role Power. The problem is, if this is the only way … Read more