Networking and DiSC; quick pointers…

Formal and informal networking opportunities abound.

There are plenty of pointers on networking out there. And, we’ve blogged about DiSC in the past – you’d better review the basics if you’re unfamiliar.

Let’s put those together; check out these quick ideas for your next opportunity.

Pointers for your DiSC type:


If you are a…

D- Let others take the lead, avoid rushing the exchange or pressing ahead to business too quickly.

i- Avoid interrupting or being the star of the show; reduce physical proximity and keep emotional intensity in check.

S- If you speak up, it helps the conversation along; have some prepared questions, statements, or conversation starters in mind. People want to learn about you.

C- Networking is important to moving forward individually and collectively; your team expects it. Look interested and be patient with small talk; it builds relationships which enable future results.


If you’ve “read” the person you’re talking to, and they are a…

D- Let them talk, and never take any brusqueness personally; ask about their achievements.

i- Let them tell stories, and smile; ask about them.

S- Let them open up at their own pace; ask about their family or team.

C- Let them move to substance quickly; ask about their projects.


Feel free to share YOUR pointers with others in the comments.

Building relationships and connecting with others changes the world around you – get to it!

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