Why “Tabatha” smokes “Boss”…

As a guy obsessed with maxing out potential in groups and individuals – and one who believes the person at the top is the one most responsible for making it happen – I was pretty fired up about the concept of Undercover Boss.  In each episode, a CEO goes undercover, in disguise, to work next to front-line employees.

The format got tired quickly – boss leaves fancy home and doting family, stays in fleabag hotels, realizes he/she is totally inept at frontline tasks, discovers that employees are (gasp!) real people with real problems, cries (most episodes), promises to change, and gives lavish rewards to the episode’s featured employees.

What a great concept – and what a disappointment in a show.  

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What ought Iowa’s schools consider next?

Recently, Iowa’s new Director of the Department of Education, Jason Glass, posed three questions in his blog.

These questions got people talking – mostly online.  Mr. Glass has made himself very transparent and accessible online, particularly on Twitter.  This is a good example of best practices in leadership.

And that’s the purpose of this blog: to explore best practices in leadership. Our schools need leadership to become as effective as possible.  One such leader is today’s guest blogger, Matt Pries.

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