Leaders Send Handwritten Notes to Their Own People

When I was a teacher, I didn’t get a lot of handwritten notes from my principals and superintendents. So when I did, it was pretty exciting! To think that my boss would make the time to write words of appreciation or encouragement when a pop-by or email might have sufficed, really made a major impression … Read more

Leaders Align Work with Values

Last week, we talked about rubrics in general as a tool to develop vision. This week, let’s take that further to talk about a way to make your passion more obvious to your team. Examine all your own projects, initiatives, to-do items, daily tasks, and responsibilities. Compare each of them to your organizational values. Consider … Read more

Leaders Struggle with the “10%”

These posts, and thousands of books, explore ways to engage and lead others better. Let’s be clear; these techniques and skills work for the vast majority of folks. But not for all of them. We are plagued by “The Ten Percent.” It seems so common, that we might call it a general rule; in any … Read more