Leaders Address Belittling During Conflict

Belittling can be direct, like calling someone an idiot, or it can be slightly more subtle. Either way, when our back is against the wall in a conflict situation, and things turn unhealthy, making others look small is a tactic that can rear its ugly head.

Leaders Balance Perspective on Others

If there’s one skill that leaders must master and habitually improve, it’s communication. I say “habitually improve”, because it’s impossible to communicate flawlessly ALL the time. But – we can sure try!   Take a look at this story about a time when intent and impact did not match up: Stanley, upset about recent changes, … Read more

Q: When can you criticize freely?

A: When the relationship is strong enough, AND, according to coach John Robinson: “Never criticize until the person is convinced of your unconditional confidence in their abilities.” When I think of the people in my life that I willingly take criticism and feedback from, without taking it personally (though my wife and friends may point … Read more

Leaders apologize, and teach others how to do so

Matt shares the Quantum Apology Model with Alan; the AAMR method helps leaders – and anyone – apologize with sincerity and grace in order to improve positive relationships and move forward from conflict or misunderstanding. Related posts: What if someone rejects an apology? Apologies