Leaders Know the Power of a Smile

I like low-cost and efficient ways to make improvements. If you could make progress without spending much time or money, wouldn’t you try? Here’s one simple, but effective technique: Smile more. It’s the most powerful facial expression or gesture, and causes these two things to happen: 1) We have less stress. 2) Those around us … Read more

Leaders Align Work with Values

Last week, we talked about rubrics in general as a tool to develop vision. This week, let’s take that further to talk about a way to make your passion more obvious to your team. Examine all your own projects, initiatives, to-do items, daily tasks, and responsibilities. Compare each of them to your organizational values. Consider … Read more

Leaders Know: Helping = Happiness

In metro areas with large corporations, there are regular service opportunities for employees, and their outreach is encouraged. But if leaders are to improve productivity and motivate people to improve the bottom line, should they really allow these efforts on work time? Of course. The best leaders know that service efforts are not only helpful … Read more

Leaders Find Ways to Create Contagious Enthusiasm

I once had a business-owner client who really needed to show her enthusiasm more. “Not a lot gets me excited,” she said, “except that I’m really motivated by making money.” She felt a little shallow about that, but also knew her products and services made people’s lives better, which is what motivated her staff. So, … Read more

Strategic Thinking for Leaders – The Easy Visual Method

There are a number of ways and software methods out there to help you get visual with strategic thinking. Personally, I’m a fan of posting up colored sticky notes on the wall and/or on scratch paper. I also recommend the sticky notes method if you have projects with multiple members of your team that are … Read more


In their research on Characteristics of Admired Leaders, Kouzes and Posner found this: Far and away, the most desired characteristics of leaders are (in this order): Honest Forward-looking Inspiring Competent It’s fascinating that both “inspiring” AND “competent” are on the list together, as it feels frequent that a leader demonstrates one characteristic, but not the … Read more