In their research on Characteristics of Admired Leaders, Kouzes and Posner found this: Far and away, the most desired characteristics of leaders are (in this order): Honest Forward-looking Inspiring Competent It’s fascinating that both “inspiring” AND “competent” are on the list together, as it feels frequent that a leader demonstrates one characteristic, but not the … Read more

Leaders are Transparent (without TMI)

Transparency builds trust. Too many leaders have a habit of holding back information, which can look like information-hoarding, or secret-keeping. Those behaviors hurt trust. But, leaders also know when to stop; leaders will avoid the temptation to share TOO much information. Leaders share information, as appropriate, to: a- keep people informed b- keep people from … Read more

Leaders make frequent meetings quick

One way to make meetings quick is to hold them standing up. Think about those weekly meetings that can last 30 minutes, and consist of lots of reports. They do not leave time for quick, tactical conversations. A way to enhance, yet shorten those meetings, is to allow 10 minutes a couple times per week (or even … Read more

Leaders Set Priorities and Deadlines – Even for Others

Deadlines are kind. They give people a way to prioritize their time and efforts. Priorities are also kind. Not setting them becomes fertile ground for frustration. Without priorities, people are led to think one of two things: 1- All of my tasks are equally important. 2- None of my tasks are important. The result? The … Read more