A Quick Year-End Idea for Leaders and Teams

Sometimes we know we should invest a lot of time in year-end evaluation, but we’re overwhelmed or tired. Here’s an idea to make it both easy and productive: Top Three/Bottom Three Gather your team, or just your calendars, and pick one of these areas: Initiatives Events Projects Customers Clients Weeks Months Pick your top three, … Read more

Leaders Listen to their Team Members

Originally, this blog was going to be about goal-setting. I spent some real time on it. Then, when Ashleigh went to proofread, revise, and schedule it, her reaction was to send me this email: This post is very, very similar to “Leaders Write Effective Goals and Help Others” posted last July, except there you suggested a different starting … Read more

Leaders Focus on Success, not Satisfaction.

Early in my career, I had a conversation with a colleague in which I proudly stated: “I will get so much repeat business, and positive word of mouth, because of my total commitment to customer satisfaction.” This sounded like a normal, yet worthy goal, right? My colleague snorted, and said “That’s not so special, Alan. … Read more

Leaders Decide: Stop, Start, or Continue?

Leaders can get caught up in visionary strategic planning and lots of new initiatives. The result can be lots of overwhelming action plans or distractions from continuing “what works.” Sometimes, instead of an all-out SWOT, a simple “Start, Stop, Continue” is all you need to do. Do this: put up 3 pieces of chart paper, … Read more

Leaders Attend to Action Plans

Have you ever been part of a strategic planning initiative that resulted in a long document, with a 3-year timeline, and several action plans? Many times, these action plans and initiatives involve projects that go above and beyond the day-to-day work of an organization. And, particularly if it’s a volunteer-driven group, it’s common that as much … Read more