Leaders Make Changes Stick

Two weeks ago, I wrote about Scott Raecker’s water obsession. I also said there were two big things he shared at 90 Ideas. Here’s the other, and it’s timely, because New Year’s resolutions are coming in just a few weeks… To make change stick, you need four ingredients. Clearly communicate the expectations of the change. … Read more

Leaders Develop Everyone

At the Business Record’s “90 Ideas in 90 Minutes” event from September 2017, Miriam De Dios of Coopera made a case for organizations of any size to implement “Personal Development Plans for All.” Most organizations do some kind of development plan for people in, or preparing for, leadership roles. But what if everyone had a plan? People on … Read more

Use Micro-Management as a Learning Tool

Micromanagement gets a bad name. Deservedly so – you will alienate your best people if you tell them how to size the columns and what font to use for the Tracking Performance Spreadsheet reports, and really make them feel like children when you stand over them to dictate the angle of the staple when they attach … Read more

Leaders Anticipate and Defuse Excuses

Aren’t excuses so predictable? You almost hold back from asking “Hey, Bill, have you got your TPS report ready?” because you know you’ll hear “I would, but I’m still waiting for Hillary to get the cover page ready.” If you know you’re going to hear an excuse about someone else not delivering, why not head it off at the … Read more

Leaders Address Lateness

A very common transgression that starts small, then grows when not addressed, is lateness. Whether it’s late delivering on a deadline, or late to meetings, it needs to be addressed early and directly. How? Let’s start by addressing meeting lateness. Below are four approaches; feel free to adapt however is most comfortable for you. Note … Read more

Leaders Attend to Action Plans

Have you ever been part of a strategic planning initiative that resulted in a long document, with a 3-year timeline, and several action plans? Many times, these action plans and initiatives involve projects that go above and beyond the day-to-day work of an organization. And, particularly if it’s a volunteer-driven group, it’s common that as much … Read more